Former Rajasthan chief minister and Congess leader Ashok Gehlot on Thursday asked his successor Vasundhara Raje to resign immediately over her alleged involvement in the Lalit Modi controversy on moral grounds, instead of waiting for BJP high command’s decision.

"Either today or tomorrow, the party high command is going to take a decision on this… Why is she waiting for high command’s decision? Raje should resign owning moral responsibility," Gehlot told reporters at PCC office here.

"Inko ab koi nahi bacha sakta. Inka high command inhe bachane ka har sambhav prayas kar raha hai, magar janta ki nigah mein to faisla ho chuka hai (No one can save her. High command is trying its best to save her, but public has made its decision)," he said.

Gehlot hit back at BJP for accusing Congress on the issue and "creating a misunderstanding", adding "ulta chor kotwal ko dante (thief blaming the cop)".

He said after 30 years, people had given majority to BJP as Narendra Modi had made several promises like "Na main khaunga, na khane dunga (Neither I will bribe, nor I will allow others to bribe)", "black money would be brought back", "transparency would be there" and "achche din ayenge (good days will come)".

"Now this is really a time of test. Time will tell what decision the BJP high command takes," he said.

The Congress leader also slammed the ruling party over the poor condition of the state.

"Many of the BJP MLAs are very sad with the present ruling of BJP…they are not heard anywhere…that is why there is resentment in villages against BJP MLAs," he said, while also questioning why Gulab Chand Kataria had to cancel his padyatra and why Raje had threatened to quit from the primary membership of BJP.