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Unfair to blame Modi for 2002 riots: Rajnath

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Press Trust of India
New Delhi, 1 September
Describing the 2002 Gujarat riots as “unfortunate”, BJP President Rajnath Singh today said it was unfair to blame Narendra Modi for the incidents even as he reached out to the Muslims, assuring that his party was ready to sort out any “confusion” over its approach towards them.
“One of our states is Gujarat. I agree an unfortunate incident has taken place. Who does not agree that it was unfortunate. Attempts were made to blame Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi as if the riots were planned by the chief minister,” he said.
Mr Singh said during his personal interactions with Mr Modi, he tries to read his facial expressions. “He looks so sad (about the blame game)…what is wrong with the people. Is it politics?,” the BJP president asked referring to charges that Mr Modi was behind the riots.
Addressing BJP’s Minority Morcha’s National Executive meeting here, he said people should ask the Muslims of Gujarat whether they feel any discrimination under BJP rule.
Mr Singh also claimed BJP does not believe in the concept of hatred and said it was ready to correct any mistakes it could have committed. He said any such “confusion” can be sorted out by talking to each other.
“I want to say if there is any issue, if there is some confusion, then we can find a solution by talking to each other. When there is no scope to talk to each other, then problems (gadbad) can arise…wherever there is a mistake, we will correct it,” Mr Singh said seeking to reach out to the Muslims ahead of the Lok Sabha elections due next year.
Mr Singh also used the occasion to lash out at Congress, accusing it of adopting the Britishers’ ‘divide and rule’ policy.