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‘Fantastic man’ Modi thinks India is doing us a favour: Trump

SNS | New Delhi |

In less than 15 days after expressing his disappointment over India’s tariff structure on India’s import of American motorcycles, US President Donald Trump went back to the complaining board against New Delhi and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Addressing the governors of all 50 states of the US at the White House, Trump said that his country “gets nothing” even after India’s reduction of the custom duty on imported motorcycles, including the iconic American brand.

Imitating the manner in which the Indian PM speaks – low and serious tone – Trump recalled his conversation with Modi on the issue.

He told the governors that Modi had informed him of New Delhi’s decision of reducing the tariff to 50 per cent.

“I wasn’t sure – he said it so beautifully. He’s a beautiful man. And he said, ‘I just want to inform you that we have reduced it to 75, but we have further reduced it to 50′. And I said, huh. What do I say? Am I supposed to be thrilled?” said Trump

He held his palms in a namaste-like gesture while speaking.

“When I spoke to PM (Modi) – who I think is a fantastic man – he said we are lowering it to 50 per cent but so far we are getting nothing. He gets 50 per cent, he thinks, he is doing us a favour, but that is not a favour,” complained Trump.

He also claimed that Washington gets nothing from the Indian motorcycle brands which are sold in the US.

The US President had made the same accusation on India on 14 February. He had then mimicked PM Modi’s Indian accent while cribbing about the tariff issue.

He had also threatened to impose a reciprocal tariff on the import on India-made motorcycles in the US.