PM continues attack on Cong, says Rajiv Gandhi scrapped Inheritance tax to reap benefits

Addressing an election rally at Morena in Madhya Pradesh in the morning the PM launched a barrage of accusations on the Congress.

PM continues attack on Cong, says Rajiv Gandhi scrapped Inheritance tax to reap benefits

PM Narendra Modi ( IANS)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Thursday that the past Congress governments had an ‘inheritance tax’ in the country but late Rajiv Gandhi scrapped it after becoming PM to inherit the property of his mother, late PM Indira Gandhi and that of the four generations of the Nehru-Gandhi family.

The PM cautioned people that after ensuring their own benefit and receiving so much wealth and property without paying tax, the Congress leaders were now scheming to re-impose ‘inheritance tax’ on the common people to snatch half their hard-earned savings and wealth and give it to the Congress’ favourite vote bank.

Addressing an election rally at Morena in Madhya Pradesh in the morning the PM launched a barrage of accusations on the Congress. “I have revealed this secret about late Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi for the first time to my countrymen,” the PM said.


He charged that the Congress accepted a partition of the country on religious basis at the time of independence. “Instead of unshackling the hands of ‘Maa Bharati’, the Congress cut off her hands and divided the country,” the PM accused.

“It is shocking that the Congress has officially mentioned in its manifesto about an X ray of your savings and wealth and it is eyeing even the ‘Stree dhan’ of women, which is so respected in our society and no one touches it,” he said.

“The Shehzada of the Italian family has announced to conduct an X ray and if the Congress comes to power, it will snatch half your wealth and give it to Muslims,” Mr Modi alleged.

“Congress ki loot, jeevan ke saath bhi, jeevan ke baad bhi,” he reiterated.

Calling himself ‘Kaamdaar’ and Rahul Gandhi ‘Naamdaar’, Mr Modi said, “these days the Shehzada of the Congress is enjoying abusing Modi continuously. He is a ‘naamdaar’ but I am a ‘kaamdaar’,” the PM asserted.

“We are born to listen to the abuses from the ‘naamdaars’ but still I will continue serving the people and ‘Maa Bharati’,” the PM averred.

He said the Congress government had passed an order on 22 December 2011 to snatch part of the 27 per cent reservation quota of the OBCs and give to the Muslims on religious basis, but the Andhra Pradesh High Court had quashed it.

He accused the Congress of being anti-dalit and anti-poor. “The Congress wants to take away the reservation rights of the dalits, tribals and downtrodden and give them to the Muslims,” he alleged. “This is absolutely illegal, as our Constitution clearly states that there will be no reservation on religious basis. Even Baba Saheb Ambedkar was always opposed to religious reservation,” the PM averred.

Again citing the example of Karnataka, the PM said the Congress state government made all Muslim castes OBC in one stroke to provide them reservation benefits by snatching a portion of the reservation for OBCs. “The Congress is now scheming to implement this model throughout the country if it comes to power,” he said.

“But Modi, with his 56 inch chest, is standing as a wall between the Congress and the people, to protect their rights. That is why the Congress leaders and the opposition abuse me so much,” the PM said.

“The Congress says that Muslims have the first right on the resources of the country, but Modi says that the poor, tribals and downtrodden have the first right.” He averred. The PM asserted that the BJP never discriminates on the basis of religion or caste and is providing the benefit of all welfare schemes equally to the poor and needy belonging to all religions and communities.

The PM accused the Congress of always overlooking those who make the supreme sacrifice for the country. “The Congress never implemented the long-standing demand of ‘One Rank, One Pension’ (OROP) for defense personnel, but when the BJP came to power, we implemented it,” the PM stated.

He said the Congress had also kept the hands of soldiers tied. “But we told our soldiers to fire 10 bullets in response to one from the other side and launch 10 bombs if one was thrown by the enemy,” the PM asserted.

He called upon the people to vote all the BJP candidates to power to enable Modi to become the PM again to safeguard their rights and ensure their continuous welfare.

Today was the PM’s sixth visit to MP during these Lok Sabha polls. He returned to the state in just about 14 hours, arriving at Morena around 11.30 am after having left from Bhopal at about 9 pm on 24 April after a road show.