The situation in Sunped village, where a Dalit family of four was set on fire by upper caste men on Tuesday morning resulting in the death of two children, remained tense as angry villagers accused police personnel of tampering with evidence. 

The controversy started when a forensic team visited the spot on Thursday to gather evidence and angry villagers confronted the police personnel posted in the area saying they were tampering with the evidence in the room where Jitendra Kumar’s family was set ablaze. 

The villagers accused the police personnel of refusing to help them and blamed them for the tragic deaths of the children. They also alleged that the police was helping the upper castes. 

They pointed out that the room where the incident took place should have been sealed till the CBI team arrived.

"The police only helps the upper castes, neglecting the Dalits," they said. 

The situation was getting heated when a senior official of the Haryana police arrived and the matter was resolved with the cops sealing the area. Police claimed that the forensic team only visited the area to get some evidence and nothing was tampered with.

"The case is very sensitive and we will not leave any stone unturned in the investigation," police said. 

Three more suspects were arrested for their alleged involvement in the killing of the Dalit children. In the first information report, Jitendra Kumar named 11 people as being involved in the attack. Seven persons have been arrested so far and four, according to the police, are absconding. Sources claimed that the role of some police officials is also under the scanner.