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Viral video: Arijit Singh loses his calm at a concert

SNS | New Delhi |

Arijit Singh is currently ruling the music industry as a celebrated singer throughout the nation. Each time he comes out with a song, it easily finds its way to our playlist. Recently, he had at least one song in almost every hit movie.

Arijit Singh is widely known for his romantic and soothing songs. The singer himself looks like a very calm and composed person. Every time he made a public appearance, the coy Arijit never seemed to have any other way to express him.

However, that thought just got shattered as a video – showing the singer bursting in anger while performing on stage – has surfaced. It is quite unimaginable to see him like that. Arijit was performing ‘Naadaan Parindey’ by Mohit Chauhan. During his performance, the singer must be facing some problem with the mic, so he went on to shout, ‘somebody f**king fix this mike!’

And Twitter cannot get over the fact that Arijit actually got so angry. Look how they reacted through tweets.