Singer Joe Jonas says if he ever had to play a gay character on-screen he would like James Bond star Daniel Craig to play his lover. 
When asked “If you ever followed in your brother Nick’s footsteps and played gay, who’s on your shortlist of male romantic interests?” 
Joe replied: “I’d say for sure Daniel Craig. I think Matthew McConaughey is a hunk of a man. I’d have to go with George Clooney. Older, mature men.” 
The singer, who is currently rumoured to be dating Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner, said that people often think he is gay and he takes it as a huge compliment. 
“I don’t have an issue with it. I think it’s a compliment. 
I have a lot of gay fans. It’s not like it bothers me. Some people handle it differently, but at the end of the day, I’m cool with it and think it’s kind of funny. You have to learn to laugh; people are gonna create a story out of anything. 
“You know, it’s probably because I’m in touch with my feminine side. Look, I love fashion; I love to dress well. I love certain things like that. And I have a lot of gay friends, as well, so that could probably point them in that direction. But again, the gay community is something that is close to my heart, so I don’t mind. Hey, if they wanna think I’m gay, it’s fun.”