After superstar Salman Khan was found guilty in the 2002 hit-and-run case on Wednesday morning, some of the Twitter users have shown support while others are content with the verdict.

Additional Sessions Judge D.W. Deshpande found Salman guilty of most of the charges in the September 2002 accident in which one person was killed and four injured.

The much awaited verdict received mixed reactions from twitteratis:

Zoie’s Android: Salman wat u’ve done is a mistake bt be patient becoz d ppl & children u’ve helped der blessings & Allah’s blessings r wid u #SalmanVerdict.

Amit Nanchahal: Tad disappointed with the verdict #SalmanVerdict . if the facts were so plain and simple, why did it take 13 years for the announcement

Mastana Mohammed: Really sad to see him get punished. He hs lifted lives of many throughout his life. It is a battle between my heart and brain #SalmanVerdict

Arun Kumar Pathak: #SalmanVerdict #SalmanJudgement Is ur karma a Maths Eq? Do a crime & then do a charity 2 nullify it.What a pt being put across by lawyers?

Samir : @SRKswarrior1 some people still supporting criminal.. low is same for everyone #SalmanVerdict.

HershDo: I can’t believe people are crying and praying for a person who has murdered. #SalmanVerdict

CANeha: Better live one day with a conscience that is proud of you than a hundred years with a guilt that prides itself on ur shame #SalmanVerdict

Kumar Govindan: #SalmanVerdict If he had a valid licence, wasn’t drunk&was driving (this would not have happened?) only then does he have my sympathy

BATMAYN: Money surely cant bring those poor lives back but sending him to jail would bring their lives back #SalmanVerdict

NutsBoutPreetika: Dis case wd NOT go unnoticed hd it nt been a celebrity involved! N wat abt d bloody rapists in d country,no punishment 4 em! #SalmanVerdict!

Shreya Punj: Good day to be an SRK fan. Always go with the man who reads for he shall make bucks and not kill them. #SalmanVerdict

Snehal Gandhi: Whatever it is i can never hate salman khan . But galti ki hai to Saja to bhugatani padegi . #SalmanVerdict

Gajanan Damkondwar: Sooner or later karma will surely get you!! #SalmanVerdict

Manu Sharma: All the people who are feeling sad for Salman " Lait jao road pe !! mere kanne SUV hai" #SalmanVerdict

Arjun Assiduous: all sort of melodrama going on at Salman s home.. Would be nice if somebody care to look at the victims family #SalmanVerdict

Azim Sarfaraz: It would have been not that big of a fuss if Salman was not on the stand. #SalmanVerdict