Arjun Kapoor has dabbled in various roles on the big screen, but why has he kept away from TV? Never say never, says the Gunday star.

A string of actors, including Shahid Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha, have ventured onto the small screen as reality TV show judges or hosts. Is Arjun not planning it?

"I don’t think they had planned to do it…I think the offer must have come at the time when they found it very exciting because they are doing fantastic brands (shows), whether it is Sonakshi or Shahid…the shows they are affiliated are fantastic brands and in my life I have always believed ‘Never say never’.

"I never thought I can be an actor, and see where I am today. So, you should always be open to your opportunities and as the time arrives or the opportunity arrives, we’ll consider it," he said.