One of longest running grand Broadway style Bollywood musical, ‘Jhumroo’, a love story of a simpleton based on the melodies of legendary Kishore Kumar has completed non-stop 1000 shows here.

Staged exclusively in the opulent Nautanki Mahal at Kingdom of Dreams here every day, the show, a first in this genre of entertainment for the country, combines magical special effects along with the conventional song-dance of Broadway.

The stage production running for the past three years uses about 20 melodies of the maverick musician Kishore Kumar to depict the love story of the simpleton Bhola and his romantic interest Meena.

"This milestone is historic for us and the moment has an unbelievably joyous quality. Jhumroo has been a labour of love for all of us," says Viraf Sarkari, Director, Kingdom of Dreams.

In order to celebrate this completion of 1000 shows, the organisers brought together all those people who had been involved in the creation of the show, some who came from different parts of the country.

"Right from the directors, producers, actors, stage hands, technical crew etc. This magical moment is a triumph for each and everyone. They all came together this evening to celebrate this grand success of the musical crossing this landmark," says Sarkari.

Despite the show being staged everyday, Sarkari says there is always an audience to watch the grand spectacle.

"It is a live Bollywood musical. The grand scale of the show, the technological special effects, the sumptuous look, opulent costumes, the glamour and glitz and the sheer spectacle on stage keep the viewer mesmerized to come back for a repeat performance," he says.

The journey of love, friendship and life is staged in a breathtaking, wondrous world of ‘Jhumroo’ resplendent with psychedelic retro costumes besides glittering and mesmerising backdrops on stage.

With a team of over 100 artists, including the lead actors, dancers, technicians who perform aerial stunts, ‘Jhumroo’ effectively weaves magic for awed audiences coupled with the musical charm of Kishore Kumar.

The story line of ‘Jhumroo’ chronicles Bhola’s story who dreams of becoming the country’s singing idol. He falls in love with Meena, a sweet, simple girl who loves music herself.

Bhola’s journey of achieving his dreams sums up this grand musical.