The NCC cadets in Una district of Himachal Pradesh have turned into ‘Corona Warriors’ in COVID-19 pandemic for voluntarily coming forward to help the administration in containing the threat of deadly disease since the last 40 days.

These cadets were put on duty at 10 places including Santoshgarh, Bangana, Gagret, Una, Daulatpur, Amb etc and they taught the local, shopkeepers and customers about social distancing, wearing of mask, personal hygiene.

They not only distributed pamphlets but also greeted people with flowers and urged them to follow guidelines of the district administration.

Sachin, Under Officer, NCC said social distancing and personal hygiene was the most potent weapon in the fight against Coronavirus.

“People are being taught to maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 metres,” he added. Vasudha, a female cadet, who has been offering her services since April 8, said almost all people of Una district cooperate as they know following of all these instructions directly benefit them.

“As it has been a new job to their profile, all of us are enjoying it. Cadets have been exhibiting posters and banners at different places,” she added.

The shopkeepers of Una town thanked the district administration for the initiative taken by it as well as the volunteers for doing good job amid the pandemic.

NCC Commanding Officer Sanket Deo said about 150 NCC cadets were put on the job across the district and proper arrangements were made before deputing them.

“The Cadets were given online training by doctors of IGMC, Shimla about Coronavirus and the volunteers played a significant role in awakening and motivating people to download Aarogya setu App,” he added.

He said these cadets prepared 3,000 masks and distributed them free among the needy. For the time being, their services have been withdrawn, but, they can be deputed if the need is, he added.

Una Deputy Commissioner Sandeep Kumar said the NCC cadets played a vital role in educating people and traffic management.

“The youth have been working sincerely in the fight against Coronavirus. These youth are full of unity, strength, discipline, dedication and motivation have been helping people to learn the lesson of social distancing,” he added.