As reactions poured in after Congress leader Priyanka Chaturvedi wrote an article citing rape threats and abuses hurled at her on social media, a certain Twitter user on Monday compared her situation to "slander against Smriti Irani". However, this did not go down well with Chaturvedi who said that "Irani gets Z security", unlike her case where she is "struggling to get rape/death threat investigated." Irani also joined in the conversation and refuted that she has been given ‘Z’ category security. 

While Irani hit out at Chaturvedi noting the Congress party’s defeat in the recently concluded assembly elections in Assam, the Congress spokesperson slammed the Union Human Resource Development (HRD) minister citing her repeated electoral defeats. 

"When @priyankac19 is trolled, it is an attack on ‘dignity of women’but poisonous slander against @smritiirani is acceptable," a Shefali Vaidya tweeted. 

Reacting to the tweet, Chaturvedi wrote, "Ms @ShefVaidya a perceived threat to @smritiirani ‘s life gets Z sec,here I am struggling to get rape/death threat investigated. cut the crap."

Next, Smriti Irani told Chaturvedi, "@priyankac19 I don’t have Z security Madam."

In the previous week, a PTI report mentioned that Irani will be given ‘Z’ category security with armed commandos. The report added that "the Ministry of Home Affairs took the decision after intelligence inputs suggested that Irani is facing high level of threat to her life following several incidents of turmoil in academic institutions".

Drawing the attention of the HRD minister, Chaturvedi ‏wrote, "Madam I don’t know the internal workings of Home Ministry, i go as per newspaper reports. I presume no security at all then @smritiirani ?" Then Irani tweeted, "@priyankac19 why are you so interested in my security? Planning anything?" 

Chaturvedi, however, did not take the minister’s words lightly. She wrote, "Not worth my time, so don’t worry on that front @smritiirani, you must concentrate on creating another campus ruckus." 

Irani, who is not known to mince her words and has often attacked Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi in the past and even contested the parliamentary elections against the Congress scion in Amethi, called this "Rahulji’s forte". She replied saying, "@priyankac19 dats (that’s) more Rahulji’s forte. Oh wait, losing Assam is. My bad. Have a good day." 

Further, Chaturvedi reminded the BJP leader that she has lost elections "repeatedly" herself also. "Repeatedly losing and yet becoming a minister in the cabinet is your forte. You have a glorious day too @smritiirani."