Delhi may soon have buses run on ethanol to counter the air pollution in the national capital. Delhi Transport Minister Gopal Rai on Thursday said that as a long-term solution the government is thinking of running public transport on bio fuel.

“Air pollution is a big problem which often leads to deaths. Several countries have adopted bio fuel. The state government is looking at the possibility of running public transport using bio fuel. The fuel will be produced from waste,” Rai said while addressing mediapersons at the Sustainable Development and Inclusive Growth round table conference here.

Referring to the use of bio fuel-powered vehicles in Stockholm, Rai said: “During our visit to Stockholm, the transport department has understood the mechanism of ethanol-run buses”.

“Last year, the Union transport ministry launched the ‘green bus’ project in Nagpur. The carbon emission from these buses is 75 per cent, much less than that of other buses,” he added.

“Delhi has no shortage of waste. With increasing population, it&’s a challenge for the government to manage that waste. If we can use it for bio fuel, much of the problem will be solved,” Rai said.

Speaking on the pilot project that has been mooted, he said: “We are planning to launch the pilot project either at Dwarka, Janakpuri or Okhla depot because the sewage treatment plants are located near the bus depot. But nothing has been finalised as yet”.

“We are facing two problems now. First, how to tackle the problem of air pollution. Second, how to address the problem of fuel. The government needs to address both the problems efficiently,” Rai added.

The event was hosted by Scania Commercial Vehicles India Private Limited. Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari inaugurated the event.