WASHINGTON, 18 JUNE: Spelling out his goal of a stable, non-sectarian and representative government in Syria, President Barack Obama today said the USA is ramping up support for both political and military opposition to the Assad regime.
“In terms of what my goals are, the goals are a stable, non-sectarian, representative Syrian government that is addressing the needs of its people through political processes and peaceful processes,” Mr Obama said.
“We’re not taking sides in a religious war between Shia and Sunni,” he said. “Really, what we’re trying to do is take sides against extremists of all sorts and in favour of people who are in favour of moderation, tolerance, representative government, and over the long-term, stability and prosperity for the people of Syria,” he said in an interview to PBS channel.  Noting that the USA has been helping the Syrian opposition along with its international partners, he said this includes the military opposition as well. “We’ve been assisting not only the political opposition but also the military opposition. So, there’s a counter-weight that can potentially lead to political negotiations ~ with the evidence of chemical weapons, what we’ve said is we’re going to ramp up that assistance,” Mr Obama said.
“And my hope continues to be, however, that we resolve this through some sort of political transition,” he said. pti