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Take that spring break

Sushmita Kamrupa |

The mist is fading away. The fog is clearing up. And, the sun is slowly streaking through the trees. Soon it will be spring. So, what is your spring travel plans? Some of the choicest places where you can experience the most beautiful spring break in India are here.

Head to the south

Why not try the cool Coorg? A peaceful place away from the crowd as the winds carry with them the whiff of coffee produced in the region. Wander around in the greenery and sit under the stars as the sun goes down. The best time to visit the valley is between March and May. Explore the region and sign up for trekking and trailing expeditions and connect with nature.

Head to the beach

It might sound clichéd but not being a popular destination for spring breaks one might just enjoy more without the hustle bustle of touristy crowds, which takes away the fun of holidays most of the time. Enjoy this time to attend the Goa spring carnival and roll with the waves and relax under the umbrella shade and the salty sea breeze.

Head to the hills

Take your pick and choose your destination according to the activity you want to indulge in. If you want to enjoy the last bit of snow and skiing, head to Kufri near Shimla in Himachal Pradesh.

Ladakh can prove to the best for those looking for indulging in an out-of-the-world experience. With breathtaking and serene views, Ladakh can offer an once-in-a-lifetime experience of a spring break.

If one is interested in attending the Spring Bird Festival, then head to Uttarakhand and sign up for bird watching camps as the region sees the visit of avian friends from around the world.

Known for its unforgiving winter season and flower destination, Sikkim can turn out to be a fun destination during spring time as the region is filled with all kinds of exotic blooms during this time of the year and weather in general is pleasant. Or, head to Shillong, which is flushed with natures beauty.

Although one can sign up for activities such as paragliding, water sports and other trekking expeditions any time of the year, spring being a milder time can offer a refreshing change from the extreme cold or heat and offer a chance to connect with nature in general.

So dont waste time with planning, just pick up your bag and head out to your next big adventure!