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  • Top things to do when in Coorg

    Top things to do when in Coorg

    As a hot new luxury destination hours away from Bengaluru, a road trip from the city to Coorg's hills is something to look forward to in itself, as the chatter of city life gradually gives way to the peace and quiet of this traveler's paradise.

    March 8, 2021
  • Nature at its best in Coorg’s coffee plantations

    Nature at its best in Coorg’s coffee plantations

    In an ecologically diverse and sensitive region like Coorg, threats to the forest ecosystem are aplenty, and are prone to multiplication with additional construction to support the consumerist traveller's lifestyle.

    February 27, 2021
  • Into the green, yonder Bengaluru

    Into the green, yonder Bengaluru

    Friday night is the night when you don’t set an alarm for the next morning. The thought of unlimited sleeping hours is so relaxing that the stress melts away with this thought but sometimes not even sleep can fix the damage a hectic routine does to the mind and body. A little escape from the …

    February 17, 2017
  • Take that spring break

    Take that spring break

    The mist is fading away. The fog is clearing up. And, the sun is slowly streaking through the trees. Soon it will be spring. So, what is your spring travel plans? Some of the choicest places where you can experience the most beautiful spring break in India are here. Head to the south Why not …

    February 2, 2017
  • Scottish paradise

    Scottish paradise

    With snowfall and heavy rains, hill stations have been cut off from the rest of the world. While hills and mountains are covered in white, there is one hill station which continues to be green throughout the year. A place hidden amidst the picturesque hills with lush green gardens down in south of India, in …

    January 27, 2017