Every single experience in the life of a traveler is unique and special. Sometimes, words are not enough to describe a particular feeling. Although we try hard to express using the pre-known vocabulary, it still feels incomplete.
If traveling is a culture, then travelers are the tribes and their language has some jargon. The words only they speak. More than using these words they feel them.
Traveling around the globe is a dream. To go to different countries, meet new people, learn different languages and make friends with strangers. On the voyage to see the world, we come across such instances that make us feel different. 
To express something that has never been felt before creates a sense of helplessness that grows inside due to lack of words.  The world is a village with multilingual residents. Some speak French, some German, some Hindi and some English. With infinite number of languages in the world, it is legit to borrow a few words from here and there.
Let’s update our travel vocabulary with some words that will help express feelings clearly and precisely.
Travel is like an addiction. The urge to travel keeps on increasing with each trip. This strong desire to travel is called wanderlust. Some travel with family, some with friends and some go solo. Even though they make friends on the road but that wandering alone makes them a solivagant traveler.
There is a pleasure in being lost with friends, directionless but together. An impromptu trip to an unknown place, you just leave and follow your heart instead of a map. With a destination not decided, the journey is vagary.
Sometimes, when there is stress and frustration, and a break is needed, we think about going for a trip. A list of pending work in the office and laundry at home come to mind to ruin plans. That is when a voice comes from inside and says “to hell with it”. The courage to say this that drives you to travel is called strikhedonia.
The excitement and nervousness right before starting a journey, the restlessness of a traveler’s heart, the travel fever is resfeber.
So, with these words, express your travel story with precision. Let the listener feel what you felt.  After adding these words to your vocabulary, narrate your stories because a traveler is a storyteller for life.