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Like Manhattan in India

Mehak Chauhan | New Delhi |

Adventurous auto rides, double-decker buses, traffic jams, vada pav, cutting chai and bambaiya Hindi. These are the things you will only find in ‘Aamchi Mumbai’ (Our Mumbai in Marathi). Capital city of Maharashtra, the financial hub of India and our beloved Bollywood, the tinsel town of Hindi cinema – Mumbai, the city that never sleeps.
The vibe, the energy, the night life and the pace of this city makes it the city of gold. From dabba walas (Tiffin delivery boys) to heavy monsoons, there are plenty of things that are amazing and make this city ‘Maya Nagari’ (Land of Money, Power, Fame, Films, etc) in true sense.
From world’s largest slum to world’s (Dharavi) most expensive home (Antilia), this metropolitan city is a perfect example of unity and diversity. With people of all religions living together in Mumbai harmoniously justifies the Indian Tourism motto ‘Incredible India’.
One thing that we all can learn from Mumbaikars (Mumbai residents) is that ‘the show must go on’. It has been eight years since the Taj terror attack and this city has united against all odds to bring life back on track right after the attack.
This city is a dream for thousands of people. Some come to Mumbai to become a star, some to build their career, some to earn money and some to travel and explore this Mega city.
Every tourist visits places such as Gateway of India, Siddhivinayak Temple, Juhu beach, Chaupati and various forts in the city but if you are in Mumbai to explore it then here is a check list for you to refer to.
Bandra- Worli Sea-Link
This 5.6 km-long beautiful concrete miracle joins the western suburb Bandra to south Mumbai also known as town (the posh segment of Mumbai). It is prohibited to stop by on this road and the drive is a smooth one. If you love driving, this is a must for you. You can scroll down the windows of your car or cab and let the wind blow your hair. Just in Bollywood style, close your eyes and act like you are in a movie but do not forget to play your favourite song just for feels.
Now that you are in town, you are easily going to spot the highest building around you, 27 floors high to be precise. Owned by Mukesh Ambani, Antilia is the most expensive house in the world. While you are driving towards it, you will notice that its architecture is unique and as you keep going near to the building it keeps hiding behind the neighbouring buildings. While you are on your way to Antilia you will also notice a petrol-pump that exhibits some of the very beautiful vintage cars.
Leopold Cafe
Leopold Cafe is situated near the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. This cafe is one of the oldest cafes in the city. It was established in 1871 by Iranians. It is the site of first attack of 26/11. The place still has bullet-holes on ceiling, walls and pillars inside the seating area. Even if you do not plan on going inside to eat, you can walk past it and spot the bullet marks easily. The place is always crowded and many foreigners can be seen sitting inside.
You must be thinking what is it about BSE that makes it part of this list. Bombay Stock Exchange was established in the year 1875 and is the eleventh largest stock exchange in the world.
In this list, BSE stands for Bar Stock Exchange. A happening place to enjoy drinks with friends and folks. The USP (Unique Selling Point) of this place is that it imitates a stock exchange where stocks are replaced with the name of drinks. The rates keep on changing just like in a real stock exchange. You have to tap on the drink you want and at what cost. So you wait for the rates to decrease and this makes it fun. There might be a long queue to get a table so you can choose to go to Saki Naka or BKC (Bandra Kurla Complex) outlet.
Prithvi’s Cafe
Established by Shri Prithviraj Kapoor Memorial and Trust and Research Foundation, it is a cafe adjoining Prithvi theatre. This cafe is a paradise for all Bollywood buffs. Although the waiting list is long most of the time, it is worth the wait. The interior, properties kept inside and ambience is so filmy that your love for movies will gush out and you might just dance on a Bollywood number out of happiness. This place is best known for cutting chai, brownies and Irish coffee.
After checking out Shahrukh Khan’s house Mannat and Salman Khan’s apartment (of course from outside!) you should not miss a walk at Bandstand in the night. You will spot a man singing, melodious and lost in his own tunes. You might find some people surrounding him to listen to him intently. Be part of that crowd and let yourself lose in good music near the sea as the voice of the singing man blends with the sound of smashing waves in the sea.  The cool breeze and his magical voice will give you some moments of peace and calmness.
Recently, Mumbai has been chosen in the list of most preferred spot by tourists for the year 2017. So, plan a trip to Mumbai, pack your bags and explore it like never before. And do not forget to add more things to this list.
If you have been to this city and have some more places to suggest for this list, then please share it with us in the comment section below.