Curiosity is the force that makes one willing to travel. The curiosity to explore, to find and to see becomes the reason behind one’s wish-list.
All have a bucket list.
Some want to climb the highest peak and some want to see the highest places in the world. The dream to travel around the world might take some time to come true but one can start checking off some of the world’s highest places from your list without flying abroad.
India houses a collection of world’s highest places. These places will give you a reason to flaunt your travel experiences.
Here are some places you can choose from for your next trip.
The beautiful mountain state of India, Himachal Pradesh has a small town named Chail
This calm place, away from the city is a great getaway for hikers. Pine and spruce trees cover the high mountains, clouds as white as cotton on a clear day, the emerald green ground shines under the sun. 44 km away from Shimla, the town has polo and cricket ground which belonged to the royals of Patiala. This ground is the highest cricket ground in the world.
The terrain of Himachal has both lush green deserts and a cold dry desert.
At the altitude of 4250 meters, a village named Komik has a patch of green vegetation surrounded by ice capped mountains.
When the sun is about to set, villagers are seen returning to their huts and the grey smoke starts to come out of chimneys to make a trail in the sky. People there live a simple life.
The villagers inhabit this place for the whole year despite the harsh climate. The clouds play hide and seek and form different shapes with their shadow on the barren mountains.
Komik village of Lahaul and Spiti district is the world’s highest motorable village.
If you write a letter to pin code: 172114, it will reach to the highest post office in the world. Village named Hikkim is 18 km from the capital city of Spiti, Kaza. The post office of this village is at an altitude of 4520 meters.
It is also credited as World’s highest polling station and is recorded in the Limca book of records.
At the altitude of 11,800 feet above sea level, Leh town of Ladakh region has the highest radio station in the world. Leh and Ladakh are for those who want to push their limits and try something different.
High passes, difficult roads, rough terrain and highly daunting landscapes make this place a paradise for bikers and travel freaks.
The place called paradise on earth is India’s crown state, Kashmir. From beautiful green gardens to snow covered mountains, the valley of Kashmir is a paradise in true sense but there is another side to it.
At an extremely high altitude lies the glacier of Siachen which has the military base of Indian Army at the height of 19,685 feet which is titled as the highest military base in the world.
Although it is difficult to reach there and probably impossible for many but Indian Army offers a trek programme for civilians to Siachen.
So add these places to your travel list and visit all of these to leave your footprints on the highest places of the world in India.