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UP, Bihar in Niti Aayog’s list for health sector makeover

PTI | New Delhi |

Niti Aayog has shortlisted five states, including Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, for a programme to build future 'role model' states in terms of better healthcare system, while it named Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and three others for the education sector makeover.

The other three states shortlisted by Niti Aayog for health sector include Assam, Karnataka and Gujarat, while Madhya Pradesh, Odisha and Andhra Pradesh are the other three states chosen for the education sector.

For both these verticals, healthcare and education, the Aayog will further shortlist three states from five by next month.

Niti Aayog had invited all states and union territories to participate in 'Sustainable Action for Transforming Human Capital (SATH)'.

Sixteen states expressed their interest, of which 14 made their presentations to a committee headed by Niti Aayog member Bibek Debroy.

"Depending on the promptness of the response of governance commitments posed to them, the final selection of the three States in each of the sectors is expected to be completed in July 2017," the Aayog said in a statement.

Under SATH, Niti Aayog and its knowledge partners will provide strategic, technical and implementation support to three states for health and education sectors.

"In both sectors, states have to commit to a time-bound focus, governance reform and delivery of outcomes for final selection of partnership," it said in a statement.

"The states showcased the initiative undertaken by them so far, their willingness to accelerate improvement and justified why they should be selected for institutional support being offered by the NITI Aayog under the programme," it added.

After the final selection of the states, a programme management unit to push for efficiency and efficacy in government structure and services delivery will be available at the state level for a period of 30 months, the Aayog noted.