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  • Health tips to keep in mind during Ramadan

    Health tips to keep in mind during Ramadan

    Following are a few suggestions to keep in mind in order to observe a healthy and fit Ramadan fast

    May 17, 2019
  • Travel healthy

    Travel healthy

    All your bags are packed. You are all-ready for a vacation, away from your hectic daily grind to a much deserved rejuvenating break. But, don’t leave your healthy habits behind when you get away from it all! Instead. Spend your vacation without any guilt. Fill your life with health and joy as you holiday this …

    June 12, 2017
  • Heat it up!

    Heat it up!

    The scorching summer days are right upon us. When the sun is harsh and the winds are dry, it becomes extremely important to provide the essential nutrients to your body. Especially when you are exposed to severe weather conditions, you need a smart strategyin order to maintain suppleness and to combat dehydration. The good news …

    May 21, 2017