All your bags are packed. You are all-ready for a vacation, away from your hectic daily grind to a much deserved rejuvenating break. But, don’t leave your healthy habits behind when you get away from it all! Instead. Spend your vacation without any guilt.

Fill your life with health and joy as you holiday this summer with the following tips by Dolly Kumar, a fitness enthusiast.

Stick to a healthy diet: Sticking to your healthy diet chart might be tricky when you are far from home. Nonetheless, if you are flying, eat first before you set out. Opt fro or muesli with fresh slices of fruits or indulge in a steaming bowl of oatmeal. If you are in a rush, treat yourself at the airport with a hearty bowl of salad. Fill your backpacks with healthy snacks that you can have whenever you feel the hunger pang.

Self-control: Thinking about exotic food? Don’t binge too much but indulge in moderation. Stick to those which are non-greasy. If you are eating from a buffet, then fill your plate with salad first, then choose little amounts of the rest. Don’t stay hungry while you are on vacation, but have self-control.

Walk, jog and cycle: When you are in a new place, it is good to discover the new area and have a time with yourself. Take a walk early morning, or jog and go cycling around and explore the area. Also, take time to do some yoga or stretches. This will make you feel rejuvenated during the vacation. Walk a mile or two to visit and explore places of interest around the vicinity.

Stay hydrated: Remember, staying hydrated is very important no matter where you are. Drink at least eight glasses of water every day and encourage your partner or family to do the same. Drink fruit juices if you pass by stalls of fresh fruit juice. Avoid soda and aerated drinks!

Join local activities: Plan your travel around local activities. take part in it and learn the different ways of having fun. The more you learn, the more you gain.

Make your own food: Now this might be difficult if you have checked-in to a hotel. But if you are staying at a homestay, then you might want to cook your own meal using your own healthy ingredients and your favourite recipes. Study the place and the people. Learn about the different food types and their recipes.

Go easy on alcohol: ‘No booze’ is always a better option, but it is undeniably difficult to resist when you are on a vacation. Instead, consume alcohol in moderation. Too much will definitely spoil your vacation.

Rest and chill: Last, but not the least – be well rested. Sleep at least six-eight hours every day during your vacations. You also must free your mind from your work. Resist the urge to check messages or emails every so often. Keep your phone off and instead spend that time with your partner, family or friends (and of course, your alone time!).

Carry your medicines: If you are sufering from any health issues, carry your own safety or first-aid kit which contains all the medicines you are likely to need. 

Unwind. Don't let health issues bog you down. Follow the steps above and enjoy a truly healthy and blissful holiday.