Slay it Bollywood style

Bollywood and fashion are closely related, as films have an influence on mass culture. fashion has always given Bollwood characters…

Exploring the significance of the Khada Dupatta

Khada Dupatta is a significant component of traditional bridal attire in Indian weddings. It is a long, embellished fabric that is draped over the bride's head and covers her shoulders, extending down to her feet.

John Kramer/Jigsaw set for return in ‘SAW X’ with more gory, demented methods

'Live or die, make your choice', that is the statement that will echo in halls once again, as the notorious serial killer Jigsaw will make his return in the highly anticipated 'SAW X', with more gore, tension and his demented ways of torture and killing with Tobin Bell reprising his iconic role as John Kramer aka the original Jigsaw.