Child Development

Daily reading may improve language development in kids: Study

The results of the study, which is based on well-established research on early language development in toddlers 12 months and older, showed that infants who were consistently read to every day, starting at two weeks old and continuing until nine months old, showed improved language scores.

Know the signs: Mental Health problems in children

Behaviour can also signal mental health problems. Look out for extreme out-of-control behaviour, getting into lots of fights, or doing things that could hurt themselves or others. Using drugs or alcohol a lot is a cause for concern too.

Positive things you should be saying to your child to build confidence

Language matters! Pay attention to the words you use around your kids. Set an intention to consciously say at least three positive affirmations to your child daily, until it becomes a habit. The confidence and self-worth you build now will help your little ones grow into healthy, happy adults.

Every Parent must teach these 5 habits to their children

For children, their parents are their first teachers, those who inculcate in them the right manners, attitudes, and habits. Consequently, you too must be careful in deciding what habits and manners you pass down to your children. 

Haryana to open 500 crèche centres

The woman and child development minister, Kamlesh Dhanda, on Saturday said the scheme will be completed in two phases. Under the first phase, the facilities in already functional 182 Crèche Centres will be enhanced.