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Apology slip

Statesman News Service | New Delhi |

Some people simply do not seem to get the hang of driving. No matter how many hours they spend behind the wheel, they remain unsteady drivers and very accident-prone. A colleague recalled how she was very keen on driving and had learnt it the proper manner but remained a clumsy driver. So much so that her father refused to let her take their family car to college. However, her class-mates, many of whom drove down, often let her drive their car. Invariably, she would end up either narrowly avoiding an accident or put a dent or scratch in another car.

To the amusement of her friends, our colleague said, after each such incident, she would attach a slip on to the other car saying, “Sorry!” and add her father’s name and contact details. Her father happened to run a car accessories business and was frequently contacted by her “victims”.

The last time she “attached the slip” was on a new Maruti Alto-800. Her friend had initially refused to let her drive but relented after she persisted with her demand. And, as anticipated, she hit the Alto car. As her friends began laughing, with one of them teasing her for her “choice of victim car”. “Maari bhi to kahan maari! (Where have you hit?)”, he laughed. Our colleague promptly leapt out of her car and asked one of her friends to back it while she attached her by-now famous slip. Only, this time, she had to face flak at home as her father gave her a stern warning against ever driving a car ~ something she has abided by so far!