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Rejoice with mango mania – the ultimate summer treat

Hey mango lovers! Make abundant room for mangoes abound during the hot months.

Deepa Gupta | New Delhi |

The season enlivened by summer fruits, temptations and chilled delicacies has begun with big bang. So much to choose from – mangoes, cherries, lychees, pineapple, strawberries, honeydew, watermelon, raspberries and so on. How does one decide? Ohhh yes! Summer means juicy, sweet and delicious fruit feasts. There’s a list of seasonal fruits to buy and eat in this weather.

As it is so easy to exaggerate with many tempting fruits, we would like to suggest a choice that’s seasonal, savoury and easy to grab in this weather – ‘Mango’. Nature is announcing wakeup call with mangoes on trees. Mangoes give special touch to any meal of the day. They can be used in fruit salad, milk shake, fruit sandwich, squash, cake or pudding. It tastes great because it is freshly harvested. It starts coming in the middle of spring season and is usually found till the end of summer. You may look for them in season from April to August at the best price, quality and flavour levels. This fruit is an ultimate treat for all mango lovers.

India is home to more than 100 varieties of mangoes cultivated in different parts across the country. The varieties which have found widespread acceptance all over the country and abroad are:



Mango season starts in mid-April with these mangoes cultivated in Andhra Pradesh. Though grown in southern parts of India, this variety is much more popular in North India. Known for their taste and nutrition, eating them is completely a different experience.


Sinduri mango


This one is known for its excellent flavour and juicy texture. Rich in carotene, this mango variety also known as ‘Raspuri’ is grown widely in Karnataka and eaten largely in Mysore. Red colour can also be seen apart from green colour in this kind of mango variety. That’s why it is called as ‘Sinduri Aam’. It is used in making ice creams, yogurts, jams, jellies, juices and smoothies because of its sweet and sour taste. This most popular variety of mangoes is largely exported out of the country.


Kesar mango


Cultivated in the foothills of Girnar Mountains, this bright orange hued fruit is named as ‘Kesar’. It is one of the most expensive varieties of mango that is in huge demand in India and abroad too.


Dasheri mango


Dasheri’ was first cultivated in the garden of a nawab in Lucknow about 200 years back. Its bright yellow colour, strong aroma, sweet taste and perfect shape drives everyone crazy for it. The fibreless variety is full of creamy yellow pulp that is truly delicious.


Langra mango

Primarily grown in Banaras and few other parts of Uttar Pradesh, this variety is one of the favourite of Indians. It is gaining popularity in international market as well. This superior variety of mangoes retains a greenish tinge even after ripening. According to a legend, ‘Langra mango’ was first cultivated in the farmland of a lame man. That’s why the name ‘Langra’ is given to it. It is an oval shaped variety that is very sweet in taste.


Chaunsa mango


The sweet, juicy variety of mango got its name when the emperor Sher Shah Suri was celebrating his victory over Humayun in Chaunsa(a region present day in Bihar). It is characterised by a uniformly yellow-golden colour, unique taste, high nutritional value and pleasant aroma. Honey Chaunsa, Sweet Chaunsa and White Chaunsa are three known varieties of Chaunsa. White one has longer shelf life and thus considered best for export purpose to the Middle, East, Europe and the United States.


Totapuri mango


It gets its name from its shape which is like parrot’s beak. Totapuri is not very sweet. The fruit remains green in colour with tinges of red even after ripening. This variety is largely produced in Karnataka and is sold by different names – Kallamai, Bangalora, Gilli, Sandersha and Mukku at different places.


Alphonso mango


It is one of the most popular mango varieties of India mainly grown in Ratnagiri in Maharashtra. This mango is also big on export. It has a burst of flavour and texture and can bring bountiful desire by mere its mystic aroma.

Gulab khas

Gulab khas mango


Indigenous to Bihar, it is mid-season mango. This variety has rosy flavour. The size is small to medium. Soaked in yellow colour, they have an enticing reddish rosy blush towards the base and the sides.


Mangoes are full of utterly overpowering lusciousness. Cherish this ultimate summer delicacy with gigantic boom.

 Mangoessss…..simply awesome!