Fashion faux pas that age you prematurely

Avoid fashion faux pas that age you prematurely with these tips: balance all-black outfits, mix oversized items with fitted pieces, combine pastels with darker tones, and opt for minimalist jewelry for a timeless look.

Some Flowers Don’t Just Look Good, They Taste Good Too!

Popularly pronounced as 'saffron threads' in Greek, marigold is widely used in many European dishes. It can be easily harvested in many parts of the world. Marigold supports skin healing, acts as a natural antiseptic, is rich in vitamin A, reduces eyes infection, and protects skin from UV rays.

Don’t Like Oats Much? Here are interesting ways to consume it

Packed with healthy carbs and ample protein, oats have been known to improve heart health and provide various other benefits to your health. After gaining popularity among bloggers and influencers, people have now come up with new and unique ways to prepare them, adding elements of ‘fun-and-flavor’ instead of ‘bland-and-boring’.

Things to consider before planning a journey with pets

Just like you, your pets are entitled to a break. Travelling with a pet, on the other hand, necessitates considerable forethought. However, if you have all of your cards in order, you and your furry companion can have a lovely vacation.

Set yourself on the path of self-improvement

Time management is a subject that is extremely important for us to understand. It's all about putting in the effort which very few people do. An important aspect of time management is energy management. Managing your energy levels is just as important as your time for fruitful work and outcomes.

Communication and diction expert on training Harnaaz Sandhu

Having had a pageant experience herself, Supreet was intrigued by the background stories and their translation on-screen. Soon after, she joined the esteemed panel at Miss India Organisation as their Communication Expert and since has been training India's pageant winners for international representation.