The full moon day of Shravan month of the Hindu calendar which falls in August of the Gregorian calendar is round the corner. Yes, it’s the day when Raksha Bandhan is celebrated with grandeur by Hindus particularly in North, Central and West India. While the celebrations happen on every festival, this is the day when siblings can be seen at their vibrant best.

Signifying the brother-sister bonding, the key attraction of the festival is the brightly decked up markets showcasing a colourful variety of rakhis and tempting sweets.

The festival is well associated with sweet dishes that can be either shop-bought or home-made. Why not make few of them in your own kitchen this time. Every delicacy recipe can be prepared within an hour.

Fruit cream: Take one litre of fresh cream. Add ten teaspoons of powdered sugar in it and mix well. In a flat serving dish spread a thin layer of sweetened cream at the bottom. Place slices of ready-made sponge cake (you can take britania merri cake) on top of the cream layer. Spread remaining sweetened cream above the cake slices so that they are not visible. Take a big mixed fruit cocktail tin. Drain the syrup and finely chop the processed fruits. Cover the cream layer with these tinned fruits. Refrigerate and serve chilled. You may add freshly chopped mango and banana also in this dessert. This quantity is sufficient for 10-15 people.

Tutty-fruity ice cream treat: Take one litre ice cream brick of kaju kishmish or butterscotch flavour. Empty it in a big glass serving bowl. Let it melt at room temperature. Take a big tin of mix fruit cocktail. Drain the syrup. Finely chop the sweetened fruits. Mix them well in the melted ice cream. Freeze again till it solidifies. Serve frozen. It can serve eight to ten people.

Ras malai: Take ready-made 10 sponge rasgullas. Squeeze their sugary syrup and keep aside in the refrigerator. Take one litre of full cream milk. Give a boil, adding 10 saffron strands. Simmer the gas. Add one tin of condensed milk and 50 grams of khoya and give a good stir on low flame. Let the milk gets thicken in half an hour. Keep stirring frequently. After the milk gets thickened, turn off the gas and let it cool for some time. Put the squeezed rasgullas in slightly warm milk, mix and add finely chopped pistachios. Refrigerate and serve chilled. It is sufficient for 10 people.

Makhane ki kheer: Take one litre of full cream milk. Roast two handfuls of makhanas on low flame for ten minutes. Crush them coarse in a grinder. Add these crushed makhanas in milk and give a boil. Then, let it cook on low flame for 45-60 minutes. Add five tablespoons of sugar and mix well. Take off the flame. Add finely chopped 10 cashew nuts, 10 soaked almonds cut length wise and few raisins to enhance the flavour. Refrigerate and serve chilled. It is enough for six to eight people.

Shahi tukda: Take ten pieces of white bread. Remove the edges. Cut them diagonally into four pieces each. Deep fry them till golden brown. Keep them aside on a kitchen towel to soak excess oil. Take half litre of full cream milk. Give a boil. Add a tin of condensed milk in it (milk-made is best). Keep stirring on low flame till milk thickens. Take off the flame. Let it cool for some time. Dip the fried bread pieces in it when it is little warm. Arrange thickened milk coated triangles in a serving tray. Chill and serve. You can sprinkle little coconut powder on top while serving. This dish is sufficient for 10 people.

These are one of the most delicious, easiest and best sweet dishes that can be made on the auspicious occasion of Rakhi without much effort and time. Of course! They signify the sweetness of the lovely bond between brothers and sisters for which the festival is being celebrated. You’ll surely have fun trying these desserts.