BJP, RJD slugfest over ‘real’ opposition mantle
statesman news service
Patna, 3 July
A contest has begun between the now “dethroned” BJP and the RJD to prove they are the “real” Opposition party in Bihar post the NDA split.
Under pressure to prove their worth, these two parties have now indulged in a daily ritual of holding press conferences, routinely hitting out at the ruling regime and staging street protests even on trivial issues which earlier would have gone unnoticed.
Suddenly pressure has mounted on the BJP to win the confidence of the masses after the party remained in power for close to eight years in alliance with its erstwhile partner JD-U. Such is the urgency that the BJP is now questioning the decisions of the Nitish Kumar government.
 The BJP has further cut a sorry figure by raising the issue that the state government did not give compensation to the victims of Forbesganj firing while same was given to the victims of Bagaha police firing in which six villagers were killed last week.
The Forbesganj firing had taken place on 3 June 2011 the BJP strangely did not raise the issue then, let alone visit the spot since the matter involved a party legislator.
But now that it is out of government, the BJP has now  questioned the government&’s move.
Scores of top party leaders have fanned out across the state and holding “betrayal rallies”, telling the masses how the BJP was removed from the government. The party, though, is said to be finding it hard to explain why it had suddenly turned a bitter critic of the government in which it was a partner for eight years.