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Kin of those who died in queues post-note ban seeking justice

(Photo: AFP)

As the Narendra Modi-led BJP government is all set to celebrate the anniversary of demonetisation, the families of 125 people who lost their lives standing in serpentine queues outside banks post the note ban are still pleading with the Centre and the Prime Minister to compensate them for their suffering.

In an effort to provide justice to the families, Shehzad Poonawalla, Congress activist and his brother Tehseen, have moved the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) demanding a compensation of Rs 1 crore per life lost.

Poonawalla pointed out that the people who lost their lives standing in lines were not black money holders. He said all the black money got converted into white and the innocent common people suffered. “What did it achieve. No one has a clue.”


Calling demonetisation an act of terror, Poonawalla said the anniversary, 8 November, will be celebrated as ‘black day’ throughout the country. He added that not a single person went to jail on account of possessing black money.

Attacking the government, the family members of the victims said the only thing demonetisation achieved was fall in the GDP and inconvenience for the common man.

Poonawalla said, “The Prime Minister said demonetisation was to fight black money and terrorism. One year down the line we see terrorism has only increased and with the Paradise Papers leaks we see no action has been taken against the real black money holders.”