BJP working President JP Nadda on Friday launching an attack on Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, dared him to speak ten sentences on the Citizenship Amendment Act.

Nadda’s remarks came at an event held in support of the CAA by Bharatiya Bodh Sangh in the national capital.

“The Congress is opposing the CAA. I dare Rahul Gandhi to speak 10 sentences on the law. He should tell us in two sentences what is his problem with the CAA,” he said.

He further accused the Congress of misleading the nation in the name of CAA being anti-Muslim, which he called unfortunate.

“He is leading such a big party and has to decide himself how he has to do it, but he should not mislead the country,” Nadda said attacking Rahul Gandhi.

He carried on the attack on Congress on Twitter by saying, “For the Congress and the Left, their vote bank comes before the country. For Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the country comes first and votes later.”

At the event, he praised the government’s decision to amend the existing Citizenship Act and bring in the provision of providing citizenship to the persecuted minorities of the three Muslim neighbouring countries.

Right after the Act was passed by both the Houses of Parliament, the government has drawn harsh criticism from large sections of society. Students have been very vocal against the legislation and termed it to be a divisive policy of the ruling BJP.

Opposition parties have also attacked the government on the legislation.

The nation has been witnessing a massive protest, especially in the national capital, as protesters in Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh have been sitting from over a month against the Act.