National security agencies from across the world must forge greater collaboration to ward off cyber threats and work together to counter cyber criminals including terrorists, National Security Advisor Ajit Doval said here on Friday.

Speaking at the ministerial forum of countries participating in the fifth Global Conference on Cyber Space (GCCS), Doval said that the cyber challenges of our times are unique as terror groups are using the Internet at a far greater level than before.

“The cyberspace provides opportunities and challenges at the same time. While it provides global connectivity, it also provides connectivity to terrorists which is worrisome,” Doval told the gathering.

According to Doval, an orderly management of the cyberspace is very important as it is expanding very fast.

“The timely and swift response to the threats posed by cybercriminals is the key,” Doval stressed.

The cyber world has changed the way we live, he said, adding that never before had there been such a change that has such a wide ramification affecting all of us.

“The world needs a new jurisprudence to deal with the growing challenges. We need a specific regime to deal with the cyber threats,” he added.

The private sector will have a very important role in that regime, Doval said, along with the state and there is a need to evolve a consensus among various stakeholders which should also ensure due representation from all people and geographies.

According to Union IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, India’s will be the voice of reason and moderation when it comes to digital equality.

“India’s will also be the voice of assertion for the digitally-deprived in a global platform. We need an egalitarian global cyberspace,” Prasad said.