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LUCKNOW, 20 JUNE: Minister for Parliamentary Affairs, Mr Mohd Azam Khan has denounced the use of his name and image in Facebook posts to spread hatred and sow the seeds of discord among communities.
The minister said there was a “deep-rooted conspiracy” to tarnish his secular credentials through the medium of social networking.
The minister has sought immediate police intervention to trace the origin of this cyber crime, which he said, is aimed at assassinating his character and is essentially divisive in nature. The Facebook posts were potently dangerous and pointed towards a conspiracy aimed at maligning him, he said.
Addressing a Press conference, the minister who is also the Muslim face of the SP, distributed xeroxed copies of the false Facebook posts, the reactions to what has been attributed to him in the account and his missive to the DGP, UP, urging him to take prompt action on his complaint. The FB  posts, put up by a user with the e-mail address, [email protected], bears his photograph. The message says “ Hindu neta chahey kitni bhi baar Muslim topi pehne lekin hum Muslim neta tilak nahin lagayge. Hindu chahey Namaaz ko kitni bhi izzat de lekin hum Musalmaan Vande Mataram ka bahishkar zaroor karenyge. Kyonki Islam mein dharamnirpekshta aur deshbkakti dono haraam hai”. Azam Khan, neta, Samajwadi Party, Uttar Pradesh. (No matter how many times a Hindu leader dons a Muslim cap, we Muslim leaders will never put on a `tilak’.  A Hindu leader may give immense respect to the Namaaz, but we Muslim leaders will boycott Vande Mataram. In Islam, secularism and patriotism are both disallowed).
Refusing to even read out what had been attributed to him, Mr Azam Khan said this was indicative of a deep-rooted conspiracy. He did not rule out the possibility of a foreign hand in the same and said it was apparent that the person who undertook the task could have the backing of some powerful organisation. He, however, refused to identify the organisation or the country which was indulging in such hate mail.
The minister recounted two earlier occasions when he was subjected to this kind of cyber crime. He said on both the occasions, he had drawn the attention of police towards the same. He regretted that the inaction of police on both the occasions had apparently emboldened the perpetrators of cyber crime.
He said around 7-8 months ago, he had received many calls on his mobile from a particular number from the Sambhal district.
He was abused and even threatened. He forwarded the number to the DGP who in turn forwarded the same to the DIG Intelligence. He had been assured that the caller had been identified. Mr Khan alleged that the caller was taken to the police station and later released after payment of a hefty amount.