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Taaha heard dialogues 100 times to nail his role

IANS | Mumbai | Updated :

Actor Taaha Shah, who plays a chowmein stall owner based in Ranchi in Ranchi Diaries, recorded his dialogues in director Sattwik Mohanty’s voice and heard them over a 100 times to get the accent right.

As a part of his role preparation, Taaha went to Ranchi before the first schedule to get the dialect and mannerisms right as his character Pinku is based in Ranchi.

Taaha said in a statement: “I recorded dialogues in Sattwik’s voice and heard them over a 100 times to get the tone, accent and pitch right. I went to chowmein stalls in Ranchi for a week and saw how those vendors functioned, how they interacted with customers and made chowmein. It was fascinating and a completely new experience for me.”

In his past films like Luv Ka The End, Gippi and Baar Baar Dekho, he played good looking and rich characters. He is happy that he experimented in Ranchi Diaries, produced by actor Anupam Kher.

“My character Pinku is a small- town rugged boy. In my past films, audiences have seen me playing the character of a rich guy or as a chocolate hero, but this is the first time that I am playing an out-and-out desi boy who has a chowmein stall,” Taaha said.

The actor also got an amulet from a temple in Ranchi.

“I was at a mall one day and came across a boy who wore an amulet that caught my eye. He told me it was from a temple. I thought it would enhance Pinku’s look so, I went to the temple and got it,” he siad.

The film is set to release on October 13.