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Shah Rukh Khan should be dying to do my film: Anurag Kashyap

SNS | New Delhi |

Did you know Anurag Kashyap and Shah Rukh Khan are friends for last 20 years? The filmmaker has never casted Shah Rukh Khan in any of his films but wishes to. Kashyap confessed that he always wanted to make a film with Shah Rukh Khan and he isn’t leaving Bollywood until he does that. The filmmaker always opts for hard hitting stories and wants to make romance king to be a part of his film.

In a recent interview at the ‘India and the world – The Changing Narrative’ film festival, which he inaugurated, the director talked about King Khan. As per media reports, he said, “Shah Rukh Khan wanted to do No Smoking, he was very upset when I went away from him. I also went to him with Allwyn Kalicharan. I wanted to do that with him and a big superstar from Hollywood. Everything was almost done but then again.”

The director was junior to Shah Rukh Khan in Delhi University and wishes that someday they would pair up for a project. According to Indian Express, he added, “He is my senior from university, he has been there like a big brother helping me. Shah Rukh is super successful. When he loves you, he approaches things like, in my struggling years, if you do what I tell you to do, your problems will disappear. But I didn’t want him to make my life, I love him to death.”

The filmmaker seems very determined to work with his former senior and superstar now but only when Shah Rukh stops looking at him as a junior. Anurag also said, “I will write a film that will lure him. He should be attracted to it. He should be dying to do the film. That’s only when it can happen.” Kashyap very fondly narrated the relationship with the actor by saying, “I can fight with the world but him. If he scolds me, l’ll sit in a corner and cry. He is someone I have this love for. He’s the only guy I can’t fight with. He always makes fun of me, bullies me. He says ‘Agar main bolta na woh Wasseypur ka dialogue toh teri picture zyada badi hit ho jaati.”

Well, fans of both the celebs will be glad to know that the two share such an endearing relationship with each other and would hope someday Anurag makes his wish come true so that we can watch the partnership of this duo on screen.