Panchayat 3 star Sanvikaa says her parents are proud of her

Discover Sanvikaa’s journey from parental job posts to fame as she shines in Panchayat. A tale of success and proud parents.

Panchayat 3 star Sanvikaa says her parents are proud of her

Sanvikaa in Panchayat

In the realm of digital entertainment, Sanvikaa has been garnering attention for her compelling portrayal of Rinki, a formidable female character, in Amazon Prime’s acclaimed web series, Panchayat season 1 to 3. The character Rinki, daughter of the Pradhan brought to life by the esteemed Neena Gupta, has become a central figure in the series, contributing to the fervor surrounding the eagerly anticipated Panchayat 3.

As enthusiasts clamor for insights into the release date, let’s take a stroll down memory lane and delve into the reception of Sanvikaa’s performance.

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In the wake of the resounding success of the first two seasons of Panchayat, fans found themselves captivated by Sanvikaa’s on-screen prowess. During a retrospective moment, the actress shared her experience of newfound fame, humorously revealing that her parents had curtailed their habit of inundating her with job opportunities.


This change in dynamic became particularly evident after the overwhelming success of the initial seasons, which catapulted Sanvikaa into the limelight.


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The inaugural season of Panchayat, unleashed upon viewers in 2020, tantalized fans by alluding to Rinki’s character without fully revealing her until the season’s dramatic conclusion.

In the second season, Sanvikaa was afforded more screen time to showcase her acting mettle. Much like the series itself, the reception of her character was overwhelmingly positive, with viewers expressing their admiration for her nuanced performance.

Reflecting on her journey, Sanvikaa disclosed the initial skepticism her parents harbored about her acting career. In the early stages of her entry into the world of entertainment, her parents consistently bombarded her with job advertisements and employment news links, urging her to pursue more conventional paths.

However, with the success of Panchayat and the growing recognition of her talent, the tide has turned. Sanvikaa joyfully shared that her parents have ceased inundating her with job postings, signaling a shift in their perspective on her chosen career.

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Acknowledging this transformation, Sanvikaa humorously speculated that her parents might now be fielding marriage proposals on her behalf. Despite the potential suitors, she expressed confidence that her parents, having embraced her career choice, would likely veto any marriage proposals at this stage of her life.

The evolution of Sanvikaa’s journey, marked by familial support and newfound acclaim, adds an extra layer of intrigue to the eagerly awaited Panchayat 3.