The list of Forbes annual World’s Highest Earning Actresses 2017 is out and you’ll be amazed to see who are the top 10 earners in the list!

Honorable Mention: Deepika Padukone, The Bollywood actress came a to final post but didn’t win as her earnings were a little less than $11.5 million in the year 2017.

No.10: Amy Adams, Earnings: $11.5 million, Amy Adams manages to make it to the list of highest earners 2017 with movies like The Arrival, Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice and Nocturnal Animals, to her credit!
No.8 Julia Roberts and Cate Blanchett, Earnings: $12 million, It’s a tie between the most iconic stars of Hollywood! Cate and Julia ensure that they have a healthy competition in terms of their earning too! (Photo: Facebook)
Emma Roberts and Charlize Theron
No.6: Charlize Theron and Emma Watson, Earnings: $14 million, The Brit youngster, Emma Watson, and veteran actress, Charlize Theron grabs the 6th spot on the list with their earnings. Way to go! (Photo: Facebook)
Mila Kunis
No.5: Mila Kunis, Earning: $15.5 million, The sexy actress grabs the 5th spot on the list after her movie ‘Bad Moms’ fared well at the box office (Photo: Facebook)
Melissa McCarthy
No. 4: Melissa McCarthy, Earnings: $18 million, The all-rounder, Melissa, who gets into the skin of every character she plays very well is rewarded ultimately when it comes to ‘Green’ $! (Photo: Facebook)
Jennifer Lawrence
No. 3: Jennifer Lawrence, Earnings: $24 million, Last years’ ruler of the list comes a little short this time as JLaw grabs the 3rd spot in the list with her total earnings of a whopping $ 24 Million! (Photo: Facebook)
No.2: Jennifer Aniston, Earnings: $25.5 million, Gone are the days for the actress when she could have cashed in her sitcoms’ fame, but it’s not over yet for the American Sweetheart as she is the second highest earner of the year 2017 (Photo: Facebook)
No.1: Emma Stone, Earnings: $26 million, Still high on the success of La La Land, the young actress makes it to the top of the mountain with her total earnings of $ 26 million! (Photo: IANS)