Legendary filmmaker Woody Allen paid tribute to his former girlfriend and longtime muse, actress Diane Keaton, during a rare appearance here.

Allen, 81, appeared to present Keaton, 71, with AFI's Lifetime Achievement Award in front of a star-studded audience on Thursday night, reports dailymail.co.uk.

"We go back a long way, Diane and I. Much of what I accomplished in my life I owe for sure to her," Allen said.

Keaton starred in several of Allen's movies in the 1970s after finding fame as Al Pacino's wife Kay Adams in the "Godfather" film in 1972 and its sequel.

She played the lead in "Sleeper", "Love and Death", "Interiors" and "Manhattan".

Diane won a Best Actress Academy Award for Allen's 1977 romantic comedy "Annie Hall". 

In 1978, she ended her romantic relationship with Allen after falling for Warren Beatty who cast her opposite himself in his 1980 film "Reds".