Some deleted scenes from TV show ‘Parenthood’ finale have been released by NBC after the episode.

The series, which began in 2010, describes the story of Braverman clan, which consists of an older couple, their four children and their families. It ended on Thursday, January 29 after a six-season run.

The deleted clips include return of John Corbett’s character, Lauren Graham’s Sarah Braverman getting roasted by her family, and Ray Romano’s Hank receiving fashion advice from his daughter Ruby, among others, reported Aceshowbiz.

Corbett meets his ex Sarah and daughter Mae Whitman’s Amber in one scene. "I want to be in his life. I want to be a better grandpa to him than I was to you and Drew if you give me that chance," he says.

Sarah’s family makes fun of her ex-boyfriends, calling them Dr Feelgood, Forklift Mike, and other hilarious names in another scene.