He’s back as the captain of the ‘Fukrey gang’, actor Pulkit Samrat, who will reprise his role as the ‘jugadu’ Hunny in Fukrey Returns, believes that it’s a shame that “we have to fight for equality in the industry despite the progress that has been made”.

In an interview to thestatesman.com, Pulkit Samrat tells why Fukrey is a special film to him, some of his favourite on-screen characters that he would have loved to play and why good films suffer due to lack of promotions.

Fukrey is a special film for Pulkit as he believes the film gave him a new identity in the industry.

“‘Fukrey’ has been a special film for all of us. The film gave all of us a new identity and working environment. For me, Fukrey has always been an exciting project to be a part of. “We came back as our characters on the sets, be it Hunny, Choocha, Laali, Zafar, Bholi or Pandit Ji. Our job is to ensure that we justify our characters and play them to our best of ability. If our roles are justified then it’s a goal for all of us,” Pulkit says.

Pukit thanks the director, Mrighdeep Singh Lamba, for bringing back the gang after more than four years.

“We are not just co-stars, we have been a gang from the day one. And the major role in that is of our director, who is himself a ‘Fukra’. He brought a comfort level for all of us. It never felt like we were working, we did a lot of fun while the cameras were rolling,” Pulkit on his equation with his co-stars.

Known for his comedy and romantic roles in the industry, the actor would love to essay Aamir Khan’s role in Ghulam.

“There are many. I really loved Kamal Haasan’s character in ‘Sadma’. Then there is Aamir Khan’s role in ‘Ghulam’. I would love to essay those roles. There are some other roles but I won’t reveal them,” Pulkit says.

According to the Sanam Re actor, Fukrey Returns is double the madness what fans saw in Fukrey.

“Fukrey Returns is double the chaos and madness what you saw in Fukrey. The plot is interesting and every character has their own importance in the film. Hunny is back as the leader with his ‘jugadu’ ideas, Choocha’s new DejaChu powers, Lali’s perfectly timed one-liners, Zafar bhai’s charm and Bholi Punjaban’s new tactics to torture us. You can expect it a complete entertainer,” Pulkit explains.

Pulkit feels well-written films suffer because of lack of promotion. “There is a fuss over women-oriented scripts, I hope that it stops. Why stereotype a film? Such movies date back to ‘Mother India’. It’s a shame that we have to talk about equality in today’s time after progressing so much. I just hope when such scripts are written, they should be executed and promoted in the same manner as other films. Lack of promotion that happens makes it smaller film or less interesting film in people’s mind. And when they watch it later they fall in love with it. But by that time the film has already lost the plot at the box office, which is a sad thing,” Pulkit adds.

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