Veteran actress Ramya Krishnan, who was last seen in Baahubali 2, believes that except for the language barrier there is not much of a difference in Bollywood and Tollywood.

Known for raising the glamour quotient in her initial days in Bollywood to making an impact with her performance in films like Baahubali (1 and 2), Ramya feels more films like Baahubali will help gain Tollywood the pace with big-budget Bollywood films.

In an interview to, Ramya, who was present at “CNN-News 18 Indian of the Year Awards”, says: “After ‘Baahubali’ so much has changed for me as an actor. There is more recognition, people have acknowledged my work and obviously the popularity that comes with it. I’m grateful for the appreciation I received for my role.”

When asked about the difference between two of the leading film industries in the nation, Bollywood and Tollywood, the actress believes that there is not much of a difference.

“Except for the language barrier, I don’t think there is any difference for an actor to work either in Bollywood or Tollywood. But, in Bollywood things are more organised,” Ramya says.

The actress, who has appeared in more than 200 films, says films with good scripts will raise the bar for Tollywood.

On the competition between the two industries, she says there’s no competition, adding, “whichever film does well, it benefits the film industry as a whole.” But, is Tollywood gaining the pace with Bollywood? “Hasn’t ‘Baahubali’ said enough! And, I believe more films with good scripts will continue to do so,” she explains.

Both critical and commercial success matters to Sivagami aka Ramya.

“I can’t choose one. For me both the aspects matter. A film’s critical and commercial success are important to me. And I won’t be able to pick one of the aspects,” Ramya concludes.