Amit Bhadana Discusses His New Series “SSC” and More

Amit Bhadana talks about his latest series “SSC” and his creative journey in an exclusive interview. Read here.

Amit Bhadana Discusses His New Series “SSC” and More

Social media sensation, Amit Bhadana, has made waves with his latest YouTube series, “SSC.” This captivating show delves into the gritty world of aspiring candidates preparing for India’s challenging Staff Selection Commission (SSC) exam. In an interview with The Statesman, Amit revealed intriguing insights about “SSC” that are bound to pique the curiosity of his fan base.

1. Can you tell us about the concept and inspiration behind your new series, “SSC”?

When I embarked on my content creation journey in 2017, my inspiration was rooted in the idea of discussing the SSC exams, a pursuit undertaken by students from every corner of India. I aimed to convey the message that failure should not be a source of demotivation but rather a stepping stone on the path to success.

2. How did you come up with the idea for “SSC,” and what made you decide to create a series around this concept?

Eligibility for the SSC exam encompasses both 12th-grade graduates and those with a bachelor’s degree. Many students begin their preparations and apply for this examination right after finishing their 12th grade, motivated by the desire to kickstart their careers early. Similarly, graduates also pursue the SSC exam, all sharing the common aim of initiating their professional journeys promptly.


I know this is a mass content, and it will likely resonate with a wide audience.

3. “SSC” appears to be different from your typical short sketches. What motivated you to venture into creating a series format?

In my previous work, I primarily focused on comedy, which struck a chord with the audience. Nevertheless, with this new project, I’ve ventured into a different genre. Over the past two years, I’ve been experimenting with various forms of content, and my goal is to be recognized for this versatility. When I reflect on my body of work, it’s clear that all my projects have made a positive contribution to society.

4. What challenges did you face in transitioning from standalone sketches to producing a series? Were there any significant differences in the creative process?

One of the major challenges I faced was while working on my first web series. In the scriptwriting phase, I organized a reading session with the team. While they listened attentively, their feedback took me by surprise. They asked about the lack of comedy in the script. It was somewhat disheartening because they appreciated the dialogues and screenplay, but their unexpected expectation for humor caught me off guard. Nevertheless, I was determined to challenge this preconceived notion and explore a new direction.

5. Can you give us some insight into the characters and storyline of “SSC”? What can viewers expect from the series?

The response from viewers has been quite positive. particularly from individuals who have entered the workforce after successfully completing their SSC exams. Many are finding a strong connection with the content.

6. How do you approach comedy in this series, and are there specific themes or elements you want to explore through the humor?

In the SSC series, I’ve integrated subtle comedy to maintain script authenticity, drawing inspiration from real-life incidents I’ve encountered. This approach imparts a heartfelt touch to the series.

My intention is to capture the essence of conquering failures within the series. I want the audience to connect to the characters, feel inspired, learn from their journey, and continue to pursue success in their own lives.

7. How do you balance humor with meaningful messages or social commentary in your series? Are there any underlying themes you aim to address through “SSC”?

I’ve embraced comedy with a sense of responsibility, ensuring that I avoid delving into sensitive topics, particularly those related to religion or any subjects that could potentially offend people’s sentiments.

8. What kind of audience are you targeting with “SSC,” and what do you hope viewers will take away from watching it?

I didn’t have a particular target audience in mind. My main goal was to craft content that could be enjoyed by a wide audience. However, I did hope that students preparing for the SSC exams would discover this series to be relatable and valuable.

9. How do you see the future of web series and online content in India, and how does “SSC” fit into this evolving landscape?

I don’t pre-determine the future of my projects. I believe that attempting to dictate a project’s future from the outset doesn’t allow your true passion to shine through; it’s akin to a database mentality. Instead, I prefer to work on projects in a manner that reflects my passion for them. I create content that leaves a lasting impression, content that people can always resonate with for years to come.

10. What’s next for Amit Bhadana after “SSC”? Do you have any other exciting projects or ideas in the pipeline?

I have some exciting projects in the pipeline, and I’ll reveal them at the right time. Stay tuned for more updates!