“Academic freedom to university students should be given back,” demanded one of the first-time voters from Ramjas College in Delhi.

Many young voters of the Delhi University who’ll get an opportunity to vote for the first time in Lok Sabha elections, said they expected a “tough” government at the Centre.

All the three main political parties in the Capital, namely the BJP, the Congress and the AAP, through their interactions with public and social media campaigns, have been trying to woo young voters with promises.

Abhigyan of Ramjas College,”as far as the Lok Sabha elections are concerned, there should be a strong and stable government at the Centre which can introduce better policies for colleges. The major expectation as a student I have is that there should be more job opportunities.” He lamented that reportedly vacancies that could have provided employment to 24 lakh people were lying unfilled.”

He remarked, “Aam Aadmi Party has done good work in education over the years but why hasn’t any formal scheme or policy for higher education been introduced.”

“I expect a person who can put the promises about education in action. Provide us with our academic freedom, which has been declining every day. And when I say academic freedom, I mean that we should be provided with and allowed to read all books, no matter written by whom. As previously DU recommended to drop a Dalit writer’s books,” stated Abhigyan.

A girl of Miranda house on the condition of anonymity stated: “Even after scoring a certain percentage for DU seat, we are not given many employment options. It seems that the placement cell is inactive. It is tough to get into Delhi University but after having made it to the premier university we are not provided with appropriate career options while passing out.”

Another student, Vartikam also from Miranda House said,”We seldom cast vote for a candidate, we often cast votes for a leader. I will not disclose whom I am going to vote for but as far as college problems are concerned, we need better ways in which education can be implemented.”

Raniya, a first year political science student from Ramjas College, believes that traditional Congress voters will back the party again in 2019. “Congress can come back this time as it has started connecting with the general public.” She also felt that the education system needed reforms which could help in students get employment after college.

She added,”Personally in my opinion Aam Aadmi Party has done great work in the field of education over these years. but as a whole I can’t say if they can have an influence on higher education.”

Anirudh Arora, a South Delhi resident and student of Ramanujan College opined: “BJP has gained credibility over the past few years. Prime Minister Modi has influenced many first-time voters. However, we need improvement in college education. I believe that Aam Aadmi Party can do good work at a state level but when we talk about the Centre, BJP seems a better choice.”