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‘Delhi education model has made history’: Arvind Kejriwal on Class 12th CBSE results

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal expressed that the city’s educational model has ‘made history’ as 98 per cent of students from government schools have passed their 12 CBSE board examination.

SNS | New Delhi |

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday, reacting on the class 12th CBSE results, praised the hard work put in by the students of the national capital.

Yesterday, the results were announced and for five years consecutively, Delhi government schools have successfully beat private schools.

“There was a time when the image of government schools was bad. What has changed in the last five years? Delhi’s politics has changed. Our government believes that to build the nation, more investment should be done in education,” Delhi Chief Minister said.

“Delhi education model has made history with 98 per cent children in our government schools passing in the Class 12 CBSE exams,” he added.

Kejriwal advised the two per cent of students who were not able to pass the CBSE exam, not to lose hope. “We will conduct extra classes for you. This 98 percent will become 100 percent once these children clear their compartment exams. We are with you.”

Education Minister Manish Sisodia and Deputy Chief Minister shared that out of all 916 government schools, 897 have recorded a passing grade of 90 percent and in 396 schools, 100 percent of students have passed.

Deputy Chief Minister and Education Minister Manish Sisodia said that out of 916 government schools, 897 recorded a pass percentage of 90 percent. In 396 schools, 100 percent of students have passed.

Both the CM and Education Minister are extremely happy with the result.
“Last year, 203 schools had recorded 100 percent pass percentage, which has increased to 396 this time,” said Sisodia, adding that these results are encouraging the future generations.

Education Minister reported that student Rajkiya Pratibha Vidyalaya scored the highest grade in the country, which is a great testament to government schools. She shared that 21 government schools in Delhi have high grade achieving students. This is the system of schools run by the Directorate of Education of the Delhi Government.

“We had started the school of excellence. Five schools were under it. Three schools recorded 100 per cent results, while in two, one student each had failed. This is a good model.”

In evening schools the results have shown growth and improvement. “In 2019, 89.69 per cent of students had passed, but increased to 96.53 per cent this year, Sisodia said.”

In Delhi the overall passing grade is 94.4 per cent, this is the highest among all the 16 CBSE regions.

AAP MLA Atishi, who’s been working with the government on education-related matters, tweeted, “A 98% result! What an achievement by the students of Delhi govt schools! The steady improvement in the results of Class XII with every passing year reflects that a govt committed to public education can transform the lives of students.”