Concerned about the practice of indiscriminately dumping construction materials on the roadsides, the Siliguri Municipal Corporation (SMC) is set to fine residents who do so and encroach on road space. Siliguri mayor Asok Bhattacharya said they had strictly instructed civic body officials to take action against those who dump sand and other construction materials on the roads, making it difficult for people to walk on roads and vehicles to play on them.

The decision to act against such a practice was approved in the last monthly board meeting of the corporation. Mr Bhattacharya also discussed the issue in a meeting he held with the Siliguri Metropolitan Police on traffic management in the town. “The dumped materials often pose a threat to pedestrians, motorcycle riders, and vehicles, while many believe that imposition of fines on the defaulters can prevent the practice. However, such a drive should be carried out on a regular basis,” sources said. “We are soon going to impose fines on those who dump construction materials on the roadsides.

Such a decision has been passed in the board meeting,” Mr Bhattacharya said. He said that those materials on the roads obstruct the free passage of people and vehicles and are often causes of accidents as motorcycles skid on them. A member of the mayor-incouncil of the civic board said that ward councillors should make the people of their wards aware of such things and ask them to stop dumping such materials on the road. A resident of College Para, Subhrajit Ghosh, said he welcomes the decision.

“There has been a boom in constructions in the town as people are building houses and apartments, but anyone hardly cares about the safety of the people living around them. Dumping such materials on the roadside is rampant, and it encroaches on the roads and causes a hazard to pedestrians’ safety and traffic movement. I
welcome the decision of the SMC to impose fines. However, the drive should be carried out on a regular basis,” he said.