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Shun political vendetta and rise above personal attacks: HP Guv

Statesman News Service | Dharamshala |

Governor Acharaya Devvrat called upon the members of the Himachal Pradesh Assembly to rise above personal attacks, shun political vendetta and instead talk on issues of the public.

“I urge the members of the House to work together with a positive outlook and an objective of taking the state to the acme of development without getting entangled in vendetta politics,” said the Governor.

He said this in his address on Wednesday, during the first Assembly session of the 13th Himachal Pradesh Assembly after the Speaker of the Assembly was unanimously elected.

The people of the state have given the members the responsibility of making all possible efforts for the development of their respective constituencies and the state as a whole, he said.

The election process was completed in a cordial atmosphere, he said, adding that the ill-will which must have cropped up during the campaign needs to be forgotten in the interest of the state and with a thought as to how every citizen of the state becomes prosperous, educated, secured, healthy and great.The Opposition should forward constructive resolutions with objective of formulation of good policies, he said.

“There has been a new opening and I wish new niches of progress and development are carved out with the co-operation and support of the members,” he said.

The highlights of the Governor address also included the Vision Document of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government prepared before the Assembly elections.

“This government has recently taken over. It is too small period to make any comment on the performance of the government. However, the government has been prompt enough to take some important decisions for the welfare of the people, such as lowering the age limit from 80 years to 70 years for awarding social security, pension, releasing 3 per cent dearness allowance to the employees of the state with immediate effect from 1 July, constitution of sub-committee to tackle stray animal problem,” he said.

Maintaing law and order in the state will be on the top priority of the state government, said the Governor.

He expressed hope that the members of the house will serve the people of the state with dedication and dedication to make this state a ‘Model State’.