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Presidency stir continues, students plan to stay in administrative building

Statesman News Service | Kolkata |

Presidency University students continued their protest over Eden Hindu Hostel on Tuesday with five of them yet again meeting the dean of students, Arun Kumar Maity, pressing their demand.

Students questioned as to how the Hindu Hostel drainage system is not functioning, when the drainage system of the nearby buildings were unaffected. Vice-chancellor Anuradha Lohia cited choked sewage as the reason behind the delay in the renovation work of the hostel.

At a Press meet yesterday, she had said: “The sewage system of the hostel is choked with concrete rubbish, so the water flow has stopped.”

Ankur Kamal Sarkar, a third year student, said: “The underground sewage lines are interconnected. Why is only Hindu Hostel inhabitable then? During renovation of the university, a hundred staff stayed in the hostel. Did the system function properly at that time? The dean of students met us but could not answer any of our questions.”

Students complained that it was only after their movement that the V-C informed them about the renovation being delayed. Why didn’t the authorities inform us about the problem at the beginning? they questioned.

This afternoon the students announced they would turn the second and third floors of the college administrative building into a hostel. “We are going to create hostel ambience and stay here till we get Hindu Hostel back,” said Anit Baidya, another third year student.

“When we left the hostel for renovation, the condition of the building was better than it is now. The college authorities have purposely wasted three years and done nothing,” he added. When asked about their classes, the students said that they are attending classes regularly.