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Molten steel splash kills 2 in Bengal’s IISCO plant

SNS | New Delhi |

In a tragic accident, molten steel splashed on some workers of the IISCO Steel Plant in West Bengal, killing two of them while seriously injuring another four, officials said on Saturday.

The accident occurred at 4 am in the Burnpur unit of the Indian Iron and Steel Company (IISCO) and prima facie, it appeared that molten steel splashed out of a ladle that was being placed on the turret of a caster, a statement from IISCO said.

The crisis response plan was put into action within minutes of the accident, it said. 

Six persons affected in the incident were immediately rushed to the hospital, but two succumbed.

Expressing grief at the loss, the company said a high-level enquiry committee has been constituted to ascertain the cause of the accident and that all support will be extended to the affected persons and their families.

Best medical care was being provided to the four others, the statement said.

(With inputs from agencies)