Party rivalries and political feuds took a back seat and spirituality ruled as Aam Aadmi Party leader Somnath Bharti and BJP leaders were seen participating at the book launch of "Lone Seekers Many Masters" by Swami Anand Arun at the World Book Fair here on Thursday.

The book, which talks of the spiritual journey of Indian sages and gurus like Paramhans, Vivekananda and others, was launched in a ceremony headed by BJP national general secretary Dr Anil Jain, and attended by Bharti. 

As the BJP leaders launched the book they referred to Bharti sitting in the first row to which he responded with a smile. 

"Spirituality is not only connecting people beyond party lines, it is also connecting people beyond religions. It talks of existence at the level of soul and at that level there is no distinction," said Bharti. 

"Political ideologies of different individuals are different but there are good people in every political party. Moreover books and knowledge act as a good binding force," he added. 

The BJP leaders acknowledged that the spiritual journey of any individual is for the inner enlightenment and there is a need to look at such things beyond the realm of politics. 

"The spiritual masters are great source of inspiration, reading about them or following their ideals ignite our latent potential and give correct direction to our lives," said Ajit Kumar of BJP.