In the wake of tragic deaths of two kids and a 22-year-old man on Independence Day due to ‘manjha,’ Delhi Police on Thursday issued prohibitory orders banning storage, sale and use of ‘metal-coated’ thread all over the national capital. 

According to police keeping in view the unfortunate incidents causing danger to human life by using metallic coated manjha, the LG desired that suitable measures should be taken to prevent danger to human life. 

Hence, Delhi Police have promulgated an order prohibiting store, sale and use of ‘metallic powder coated manjha’ with immediate effect under sec 144 Cr. P.C. 

"Kite flying has been a passionate sport in Delhi. For kite flying, various types of threads, known as manjha in common parlance, are used including ordinary manjha and special manjha. Of late, a new type of manjha with metallic powder coating is available in the market," police said. 

This type of manjha is not only very strong but also a good conductor of electricity. Due to a fine metal coating, wherever such manjha entangles/comes in contact with the overhead electricity supply cables including high voltage lines, electric current runs through the Manjha thread, resulting in danger of electrocution of the kite flyer or unsuspected passer-by, and also causing disruption of the power supply system. 

Police further claimed that it has been found that the threads with metallic powder coating, being used for kite flying are good conductors of electricity and are dangerous to electrical installation, as well as to the persons using them as it may cause flash over the overhead transmission lines and electrocution of the individual. 

"It has also been noticed that the threads coated with metallic powder or any other such chemical material, being used for kite flying, are causing injury, danger to human life as well as other living beings," police said. 

This order will be into force with effect from 18 August to 16 October. Any person contravening this order shall be punished under Section 188 of the Indian Penal Code. Both the kids — three-year-old girl Sanchi and four-year- old Harry — had lost their lives after kite thread slashed their neck when they popped their heads out through the sunroof of their cars while travelling with their parents. 

A 22-year-old Zafar was also grazed by manjha while riding his bike which made him loose balance and fell sustaining a fatal head injury.